10 November 2007

T-minus 6 months

I love traveling. I really do. I hate packing and flying places, but I like it when I'm there.

Even though my trip to the UK is going to be very backpacker, but I'm not 20 anymore and there's only so much of the hostel adventure that I can take without some level of luxury. Time to toss out the ol' link list again.

  • I need to find my backpack from my Australia trip. I'm pretty sure it's at the paternal household.
  • Dream Sack - a good alternative or solution for the sheets in the hostel. The last thing I need while traveling is an allergic reaction to washing powder.
  • GorillaPod - this will allow me to take decent photos (in theory) without having to haul around a seperate proper tripod.
  • Eye shades. I *wish* I had these when I was in Sydney. Great for naps and those annoying early morning risers that turn on the lights.
  • Compressable pillow. Again, allergic reactions bad. And I can also sleep with this pillow for a week or two before I travel and see if it'll work for me.
  • Luggage handle wraps. Jesus, people. I would love to see a choice other than black, red, or FLORAL! print. Until that happens, I need to attempt to identify my black luggage among all the other black luggage.
  • A neck pouch or a waist pouch for doing the traveling-money-thing.
  • I also need to get/find lightweight wrinkle-free clothing. Two pair of pants, a skirt or dress, and I'm sure other things.
And, in theory, I should be able to live on 3700 cubic inches for six weeks. Now I go make coffee and eat before I go insane.

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