26 October 2007

This and $3.50 will get me a cup of coffee...

A few weeks ago, I was talking with SavageCats about this train wreck of a TV show that's made it into my Friday night DVR schedule. Moonlight. In short, it's a show about modern-day vampires living in LA. One of the main characters is played by Sophia Myles. I knew I'd seen her in something before, but I couldn't quite place her. I knew that I appreciated her acting, but I also disliked her immensely for some reason that I couldn't quite place... Then I remembered, she was dating my David Tennant.

SavageCats and I were further discussing what made it to my DVR line-up and what made hers, and she asked how I felt about Moonlight. I told her that I was rather hoping that it lasted a few seasons because that would mean that Ms. Myles was staying in the US for filming and one of two things would happen (to my mind) - David Tennant would move to the US or their relationship would end, thereby opening up the field for me. (Okay, nevermind that it takes me from a one in a billion chance to a one in nine hundred ninety nine million chance. Hush.) Well, apparently, I'm a bit of a suggestive clairvoyant. It seems that earlier this month, Tennant ended his relationship with Myles.

While I have the entire sisterhood solidarity with Myles over the suckiness that is being dumped over the phone, I can't fully fault Tennant for doing it in that manner. I'm coming more and more to the conclusion that if you are going to opt out of a relationship, you shouldn't wait for "the right time" or, if long distance, until you see the person next - you'll be dreading it and they'll still be blindsided. Of course, I have the luxury of saying this as a single woman.

Now, yes. I know that reality states that I will probably never meet David Tennant in a manner that allows me to interact with him past a hello and a handshake. However, I am an American, and it is a long standing pastime of ours to think that celebrity-mundane relationships are a distinct possibility. It is living in a fantasy world, but sometimes, it's not a bad break from reality.

In the event that Mr. Tennant ever reads this blog (hah! - but seriously, if you do ever read this blog, drop me an email. Jus' sayin'...) I do want to say that I am sorry to hear about the loss of his mum. I hope his dad is doing as well as can be expected. While I imagine it's hard to lose a parent, I'd imagine it's hard to lose the person that you wanted forever with, only to find that forever isn't long enough.

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