18 October 2007


Okay, so I just did massive rantyness, I know. But, there's more to share.

I consider myself to be socially inept. This is not to say that I'm socially unaware, because I do keep track of all kinds of things in order to try and figure out social interactions.

I did my "OMG, out of smokes, must procure more, ASAP!" thing earlier this evening. Brought my wallet, my cell phone, and my hands-free just in case. Procurement of smokes goes well, get home, park, bring everything inside and realize that I've forgotten my hands-free in Bettie. Easy enough fix, go outside and fetch hands-free.

Get done with that, and I find myself immediately accosted by an adorable little dachshund named Rusty (née "Digger"), so I make use of the free fuzz therapy. I see his owner is on the way, calls him back and I decide to have a chat with him about the pup. As I'm talking with random dog guy, I realize that he is 1. nicely tall, 2. nicely fuzzy (god love men who are capable of facial hair and pull it off well), and 3. at precisely the right angle to be getting a full view of my cleavage (I was not fully aware that I was wearing a Cleavage Ahoy! shirt until that moment). After a bit more chatting, he invites me to a post-bonfire party at his apartment, right across the hall. Glee!

I should go. The bonfire will probably go until 9 pm. I should go.

And to think, I've been bitching about no prospects and how I'm not going to find one right outside my door. I'm not sure if this actually is one, or if he's just one of those "invite everyone" guys, but still. Nice to know that I strike someone as being neat enough to invite over.

...Now to find out if he can reasonably mimic a British or Scottish accent.

[The logical part of my brain tells me that I shouldn't be thinking about this guy in a way that anywhere near resembles romantic or sexual because I really need to keep my shit together while I get grad school done and that I'm probably going to be out of the country for my doctoral program, but still... I can visit fantasy-land for a while, right?]

I'm a bit overwhelmed with cute-guy-with-dog stuff. Don't mind me.

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