21 June 2007

Nothing to see here, move along...

Not a whole lot to report in the history/teaching realm.

In other news, while I was accompanying my Division Chair on a trip to Breckenridge, CO for a conference, my Subaru died. Not badly, just enough to be a whiny little bitch and need more work done on him than he was worth. (Yes, I believe the Subaru was a little gay-emo-gothwannabe male car. Your point?) So, I traded him in and got Bettie. She's a 2003 Jeep Liberty (black, natch), and there's only two things I'm not entirely thrilled with - she has a whistle in her windshield and she's an automatic. Well, and she's not a Wrangler, but I'm happy enough with a KJ as opposed to a TJ. (She gets better gas mileage than the TJ, but not quite so ready to go off-roading... Next one, I suppose.)

In other words, I have joined the cult of Jeep. I've wanted a Jeep for a damned long time, so it's not that big of a surprise that I ended up with one. She should last me for a few years at least.

Still need to get her in for a full inspection and all, but in due time (and finances).

While I was in Breck, I also lost a contact whilst crossing the street (I know, only me), so I had to get into an optometrist because my Rx was out of date. Now I'm on dailies, which is nice. It'll be even nicer when my contacts get in from VisionDirect. (A year's worth of contacts for $87 after I get the rebate back. I've never had it so cheap!)

Other things happened in Breck, but I'm not sharing those. Let's just say that when the words "you're as old as some of my students" pops from my mouth, I should leave. Immediately.

Took tons of photos. Decided that I could definitely live in the Rockies (though I think I'd be happier in the UT Rockies - better snow). Found some community colleges around ski towns that would suit me well, figured out a plan to make it possible (keep the current 'net job, get a full time position at the CCs there, swing so my schedule is M-W, ski ThF, work as a liftie SaSu for the free pass, and give up all hobbies aside from knitting, skiing, and biking), and now will just happily wait until I'm done with my PhD and start looking at those areas then.

Now, I think I'm done with my diversion from having to clean my flat. It must be done (as much as I hate doing it).

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