24 June 2007

My fandom is stalkerish

Okay, so I've discussed my unhealthy obsession with admiration for David Tennant on here, I know I have. Even in brief. What I haven't stated is that I also have some serious love for Graham Norton. (Seriously, if the man ever called me up and said "I need someone to carry my child," I'd probably do it in a heartbeat - in exchange for cash and a way to get citizenship in the UK...)

Now, imagine my *squeeness* when David Tennant showed up on The Graham Norton Show. It's absolutely hilarious, and the geek factor of Tennant just makes me want to stalk love him just a little bit more. Seriously, the man hits on so much of what's on my list.

Best line from the show? "Derek, it's the Doctor, you had your chance, you blew it!" The look on his face is priceless when he turns off the mobile. (It's in part 4, about 5:12 in if you just want to skip to, but you'll miss the back bit.)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


Oh yeah, I'm a fangirl. I admit it. And, seriously? If any of my squeeness ever gets me a call or a chance to meet Tennant? The public embarrassment will be SO worth it.

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