15 May 2007

Done. Done. DONE!

Another semester in the books. I just have to turn in my grade sheets and I'm free!

Well, sort of. I have a lot of things that need to be done during the interim session, I may be teaching an English course this summer if they need another instructor, I have to create my C.V. since I'm no longer in resume-land as far as careers go, and I have to start doing some hefty work on the website.

And then I start teaching summer session sometime in June. I need to break out ye olde calendar and figure out the dates for that and my self-imposed deadlines for the summer. I may be needing to put together a thing in MS Project.

But, my first order of business for tomorrow is to get a manicure done (and possibly a pedicure) and then turn in my grade sheets. Then I'll start making frantic notes and drawing pretty pictures on graph paper to work out the web design. Oh, and clean, because the insurance people are coming in to look over the roof and ceiling on Thursday.

I think I've figured out a system, though. Start from the macro, work towards the micro. Start my lists with what I need to do, then break it down into manageable chunks. I think my brain can cope with that.

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