23 April 2007

There wasn't a delay, your space-time continuum is broken

I have been down with the Klendian Death Flu. Actually, it was just a really bad heat rash combined with a sinus infection. Whee.

Hopefully there will be wonderful tidbits when I grade the next round of papers (tomorrow to Wednesday) to share. The semester is almost over, and I have two wonderful paychecks left before my world comes crashing down for 4 weeks while I wait for summer session pay to come in to play.

This summer will consist of my reworking my courses entirely (whee!) because of a much needed change to the textbook.

Hopefully, I will receive a happy note from my first undergrad school telling me that I should happily prepare for graduate school in fall. I'm also hoping that my mother gets the CEO position that she's applying for at a branch of that university so I might get a lovely little discount on my education there. Hey, I'll fully admit to being a cheap bitch.

Not a whole lot else is going on in the life, currently. I highly resent the fact that I have to show ID to purchase sudafed.

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