04 April 2007

Japanese Passover Tip

Wow. Just... Wow. (And it works!)


Lizze said...

why? why is it so fascinating to see these Japanese style tips?

I love it but I don't understand why.

Adjunct Slave said...

1. I studied East Asian history, particularly Japanese history, extensively in undergrad. Given the historical feeling towards "gaijin" (or any outsider) by the Japanese, I find it interesting that in recent times the acceptance or integration of non-Japanese in media has become almost standard.

2. Of the worldwide religions, Judaism is not one of those popularly accepted by Japan as a general rule. To see a Passover tip, televised at that, from Japan is a bit of an anomaly. The four major religions of modern Japan (as far as I'm aware) are Shinto, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam.

3. The above two combined shows to me that Japan is quickly becoming accepting of societies and cultures that are not inherently theirs. As a human being, I find it to be a good thing. As a historian, I'm slightly concerned as to what it might mean culturally for Japan. Not only that, but I'm concerned as to what it might mean for those that engage in revisionist history.