25 April 2007

During the Protestant Reformation Lecture...

I was telling my students about the possible [looking for a confirmed source that it has been done] abolition of limbo for those who die unbaptized (apparently, they'll go to heaven now?).

One of my students asked, and logically so, "What happens to the dead infants before now?"

I gave a response that still makes my head spin (and makes me giggle like an insane schoolgirl):
"I don't know if there's a grandfather clause for dead unbaptized infants in limbo."

I do have a way with words...

23 April 2007

There wasn't a delay, your space-time continuum is broken

I have been down with the Klendian Death Flu. Actually, it was just a really bad heat rash combined with a sinus infection. Whee.

Hopefully there will be wonderful tidbits when I grade the next round of papers (tomorrow to Wednesday) to share. The semester is almost over, and I have two wonderful paychecks left before my world comes crashing down for 4 weeks while I wait for summer session pay to come in to play.

This summer will consist of my reworking my courses entirely (whee!) because of a much needed change to the textbook.

Hopefully, I will receive a happy note from my first undergrad school telling me that I should happily prepare for graduate school in fall. I'm also hoping that my mother gets the CEO position that she's applying for at a branch of that university so I might get a lovely little discount on my education there. Hey, I'll fully admit to being a cheap bitch.

Not a whole lot else is going on in the life, currently. I highly resent the fact that I have to show ID to purchase sudafed.

13 April 2007

Sir yes SIR

Full metal ELF Parody of FULL METAL JACKET

It's raining 300 men...

Speakers up, people.

If you don't laugh at this, there's something wildly wrong with you.

06 April 2007

Sometimes my students are brilliant and amusing

In an essay dealing with the Germanic influence on the fall of Rome, a student gave this background tidbit...

"In 58 BC, Julius Caesar felt compelled to meet his neighbors to the north."

I laughed. So hard. And yes, she's getting extra points because of this statement.

04 April 2007

Firefly/Serenity Fangirl Squeeness

Nathan Fillion has a MySpace page.

I hate MySpace. With a passion. But... It's Fillion... So torn.

Japanese Passover Tip

Wow. Just... Wow. (And it works!)