11 March 2007

Open request to the Universe:

I went twenty years without. I had a month and a half with. I am now without again, and I am attempting to reconcile this in the dark and swirly place that is my mind.

I'd really appreciate it if you'd stop popping up with derivatives, be it in my crossword, my location hits, my television programs, or my radio.

It was not my choice, but it is something I have to abide by. I have done all I can, and now I am giving it up to the Universe. Time will tell what will occur, and I'm trying very hard not to cry out in frustration. Release a barbaric yawp! I am attempting to pick up the pieces that were left from this somewhat shocking and shattering event. I am trying to find the fine line between hope and a fool's errand. I am doing my best to cope with the situation as it stands.

So I'd really, really appreciate it if you would just stop fucking with my head.

No Love,Thank you,

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