31 March 2007

Another day...

Another year of prepping for grad schools.

All of the places I applied to sent me very nice "Thank you but no thank you" letters. And honestly? I can't blame them. I didn't do the legwork that I should have done, and now I know better for next application season.

So, between now and then, I continue teaching, prepping for a retake of the GREs (preferably at a site that doesn't have a problem with burn in on the monitors), and I start finding out as much information as I possibly can from any source that's willing to help me. In fact, I start on Monday. Since I'll be in the same city as my first undergrad university, I figured that I would pop off an email to a former professor that attained Most Favored Professor status.

I think he'll be a very valuable source of information.

I've also discovered that while I love British history, World War II history, and Tokugawa Shogunate history, I need to figure out where I want to spend my focus. This will be my life. British history is fantastic and fascinating, but is that where I want to spend my life? Same with WWII and TSJ. So, back to inspection of the historical navel, as it were.

And then, I start emailing anyone that might email me back.

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