12 February 2007


I am booked for Spring Break! Providence/Boston here I come!

And about damned time. I've been in desperate need of getting out of this town for something other than a family-related holiday. I haven't been on a solo holiday in nearly two years. And I haven't been on a solo holiday that lasted more than a long weekend in six. In fact, the last solo holiday I went on was my trip to Australia for Spring Break, 2001.

Of course, it doesn't hurt that this trip to the east coast also includes a date/meeting/thing with an old friend from 20 years ago. And some time spent with friends that I haven't seen in three or four years. Yes, I'll have to do the obligatory "look at universities I applied to" thing while I'm there, though I'm limited as to which ones I look at. (Sorry, Cornell, Penn, and Michigan, you're a little too far away to hit this trip.)

I'm booked!

I'm far too excited about this. However, it is one more stressor that has been relieved.

...Now to figure out how to pack for a week and a half in a hiking pack or duffle bag, after all, I'm going to be transiting between Providence and Boston for places to stay and lugging around a proper suitcase seems excessive to me... I also need to find out where my backpack is.

[Edit: Backpack found! I have no idea if it'll fit what I plan on bringing. I'll have to do a test run after laundry this weekend.]

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