12 February 2007

Some things are too good not to share...

For my Doctor Who fans out there, there's some decent fanart, and I'm here to present you with the links...

The Doctor's Girls
(by mimi-na on DeviantArt)
This is awesome. It's basically a chibi rendition of all the female companions that had some emotional attachment to the Doctor.

omg DOCTORZ (by mimi-na on DeviantArt)
Quasi-chibi, mostly caricature. Of the two "new" doctors that don't run the risk of being fuzzy in my mind, her rendition of Eccleston is more identifiable to me. Tennant, there's something not quite right about him - I think it's the eyes.
All in all, though, I love the concept. It shows the variation in Doctors over the years.

[Thanks to Tweedlekeys for the links.]

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