25 February 2007


Today was grading day. Whee! (Ugh.)

I actually gave out a few full points in one of my classes. Either the word has gotten out, or I've got a few students that are just with it.

As a counterpoint, I had one student that, when scraping all the points I could find for her, received a 10%. But wait, it gets better. She turned the assignment in late, which is an automatic 10% deduction. Now, I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a math whiz, but I'm pretty sure that the maths go like this:

Yeah. I feel bad because she did put some effort and time into the assignment. Not a whole lot, but some. But, like when it comes to the end of the semester, I can't cry over giving an "F" - but I still have that fleeting moment of thinking, "was there some way I could have reached that student?" It's easier in face-to-face, it really is. And I'm not sure which type of teaching I prefer. Face to face forces me to think on my feet, which I really like... But I sometimes get home from teaching and go "oh, damn, did I pull that out of my ass or is it true?"

Tomorrow is to be devoted to going through two new textbooks and weigh in on which one I'd prefer to use for future history courses. Believe me, anything will be an improvement over this text. Though I suspect that it's not going to be by much.

I wonder if there's a way that instructors are supposed to review textbooks for possible use. All I know is that I got 'em for free, and then I can apparently sell 'em back to the bookseller for $15. I'm a little conflicted. I love books, textbooks, the whole nine yards. But it's free money. Like really free money. Then Heinlein pops up in my head saying TANSTAAFL!

Yeah. That's my life.

...I wonder if they'll ever want to turn my class into one for the prisons on the web. I should ask. It'd be kinda fun. I think I'd like to go by a pseudonym for that, though.

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