12 February 2007

It was the day of the great race...

From Wired News: February 12, 1908 - The Great Race.

This article is the win for one reason and one reason alone. This quote:

"In the end, it was the Americans who reached Paris first, at 6 p.m. on July 30. Order of finish: The U.S., Germany, Italy and France. Almost like World War II."

I don't hate France, or the French. Most of the French people I know are quite nice. I dislike Parisians, though... And so do most of my French friends. We all know it wasn't the French that came in last in World War II, it was the Parisians - they just took the rest of France with them. *ducks*1

1This is completely tongue in cheek. I've only ever met one Parisian and I did not like her. (Mme. Riggs, if you're reading, you're a sour old coot that needs to get a sense of humor!) (Edit: Actually, Mme. Riggs, if you're reading this, you're far more hip than I realized, and that gets e-cookies at the very least. I'm still not happy with you for kicking me out of French class in Jr. High just because I was overtired and spoke French with a German accent. I'm sorry you were in Paris when Hitler marched through the Arc d'Triomphe, but that's no reason to get mad at me. I didn't know.)

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