26 February 2007


Since my last weigh in, I'm down 3% body fat (and up two pounds, but I suspect that's muscle).

So, looks like I'll be staying on the low-sugar, low-flour diet and keeping up with the yoga and the other exercising goodies.

Whee! Clothes are already fitting better, and I'm getting in the right mindset. I am also in desperate need of more Stash lemon tea, as the starfruit tea just tastes... odd.

My grand plan? Become the incredible shrinking woman over the next semester, get down to at least 150 (preferably 135-140) by graduation. The real goal? That I have to take a good chunk of my summer earnings to cover a new wardrobe. (Granted, I'll probably use my mad sewing skillz to modify a number of skirts and tops, but still...)

Yep. I'm working on not being that fat chick.

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