25 February 2007

Adjunct Slave Gets... Fit?

Well, after much thought and deliberation, I'd like to be a size 8 again. Size 6 would be nice, but rather impossible short of shaving bone. So, in that vein, I've started doing exercise along with my "eat healthy" diet. (Need to pick up some brown rice, though.)

Yoga kicked my ass today. As in sweat rolling down the face. I decided to get back into yoga because it was low impact! Have I really gotten that much out of shape?Nirvair would be so disappointed. So yeah. Namaste Yoga in the morning. Pushups and sit ups before dinner. Kundalhini Yoga before bed. At least my lean muscles will be getting toned. Once I find/purchase a new jump rope, I'll be getting cardio that way, too.

God. If I quit drinking and quit swearing, I'd be perfect. And then the world would implode because that's the 7th sign of the Apocalypse.

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