12 January 2007

Paranoia, Paranoia, everybody's comin' to getcha

So, SSU has decided to put all the courses, online or not, with an online shell. Why? Because of the fear of a bird flu pandemic. (Seriously? If there's a pandemic, do you think people are going to log on to classes when the university is shut down? Seriously?!)

Here's the rub.

For the instructors that do not normally teach an online course, they have no idea how the dogma or the pedagogy of the environment works.

Plus, if there's a pandemic and the university has to shut down... I'm holing up in my little domicile and getting as much sleep and immune-system boosting vitamins as I can. I'm not going to be worrying about my students and their education. I'm going to be worrying about me. There's only so much a contract and a paycheck can make me do...

Academia. Apparently, it's the last safe bastion for co-dependents and megalomaniacs. (Guess which one I am!)

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