08 January 2007

Heinlein Was Right...

The Crazy Years are upon us.

Haiti still has no stable form of government, two years after a coup.

Dhaka, Bangladesh is rioting over elections and lack of proper representation.

Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, India, and a number of other countries are creating or in the process of creating nuclear (possibly weapon) capabilities.

Russia and Belarus are in an argument over oil.

The United States government still has no accurate definition as to what "winning" a war is, much less how to go about it.

Bill Richardson, the governor of New Mexico, is on an exploratory mission in Darfur.

A 9 year old in Florida is the nation's youngest minister.

...All around the world, people aren't getting enough to eat, but obesity is the "new epidemic."
...All around the world, people are chronically under/uneducated, but those that wish to enter a graduate program are given the runaround.

The leaders have all gone insane. The people just want to live their lives as calmly as possible (with a few exceptions). Peace seems to be more of a foreign concept each day.

Now, this isn't to say that good things aren't happening. Recent developments include stem cell retrieval that doesn't destroy embryos. A female being appointed to the position of Beefeater in England. A myriad of things. But if the world leaders don't stop acting like kids in a sandbox, all the good things don't make a damned bit of difference.

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