23 January 2007

Another day bartending...

Today was a bartending teaching day. When I was doing the booze-slinger gig, there were a lot of days where I knew I went to work, made drinks, chatted, and cleaned up. But the things that actually happened? No earthly idea.

It was that day on campus.

I know I made some inappropriate comments in CS, and I'm pretty sure I openly mocked God in History. I blame lack of food. You see, I've started a diet (it's a sensible one, don't worry) because I'm tired of being overweight, and there's a bloke I'm trying to impress1.

Tomorrow is to be spent playing with clay, working on my digital photography class, getting supplements in, and, with any luck, doing actual prep work. I need to flesh out the powerpoints for History *and* CS, as well as come up with discussion questions for History on Thursday, otherwise I'm fucked.

And somewhere in all that, I have 6 weeks to learn how to spin. Maybe I should just admit to overwhelm and ask to cancel the class.

We'll see. All I want right now is a hot bath, a massage, and snuggling. What of that am I going to get tonight? Nothing. My flat is a mess and I'm exhausted. Clean up must happen soon. And I really must stop doing the Internet equivalent of sitting by the phone waiting for a call. I also must stop harassing the dear man with phone calls. Oy, but I'm daft sometimes.

1 The meet and greet for the bloke is in late March, so there's plenty of time to get svelte. I'm not going to be teensy (ever), but I'll be in a much better position. And aside from forced weight gain (that's all I'm saying), I'm going to do my damnedest not to get this way again.

[Edit to add: Is "illicited" even a word?]
[Edit to add the second: It's so wrong that my mannerisms alter so much when I've been having BBCA on in the background since I've been home.]

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