30 December 2006

I Knit In Public today...

T and I went to the bar, I had recently finished a sock for her, so I brought my knitting for the second sock. I figured I'd sit and knit while we chatted, drank, and listened to music. It was worthwhile, I got about 5" into the leg of the sock...

Of course, knitting in a bar brings its own troubles...

1. The favored server, M, thought it was cool, but it is in her nature to flip shit, so she told me how cold the socks were going to be since they had no toes... (They're being worked cuff-down.)
2. Do not ask me what I'm knitting for you. The first guy was told that he'd have to fight T for it, since they're her socks I'm making. The second guy was ignored. The third? I told him I was knitting him a noose. That seemed to get the reaction I wanted, so I stuck with that response.
3. Apparently, when you KIP, you invite people to stare at what you're doing. Like creepy stare. Dude, I'm knitting. Yes, I understand the very act of knitting in a bar, especially by a late-20s chick is odd, but get over it. Yes, it looks like I'm trying to delicately wrestle a porcupine, they're DPNs and it's how I prefer to knit socks. Go away. Thanks to the nice guys that looked quizzically at me and smiled.
4. If the live music person thinks they know you at all, they will, indeed, work your "oddity" in their songs. I counted no fewer than 14 songs that Pierre sung where he made some reference to knitting, socks, or "the girl knitting in the corner." And no, none of the songs were in the category of "things dealing with knitting or socks." Did Black Sabbath do a sock song?
5. I don't care how interesting my stuff looks, I have personal space, respect it or face my wrath. A guy that was sitting at a table next to us got up from the table, and on his way out, he stopped at our table. Now, T and I had been chatting and laughing, so I was in a good mood. I was expecting another "what are you knitting (for me)?" question. Instead, he picked up my working yarn!! I looked at him and said in my best "mean teacher"* voice: HANDS OFF. It was loud, so he said "huh?" I leveled my gaze at him and said, even louder, "Hands OFF!" He dropped it like I was about to use it to forcibly remove his testicles. And walked away.

However, knitting in a bar is an excellent way to keep yourself from imbibing too much, too quick. Plus, apparently you get to be quite mouthy if you're knitting in a bar. People still associate knitting with "old folks home" or something, so they don't quite know how to react when you start snarling at the drunken ass shouting for "BALLROOM BLITZ BLITZ BLITZ" for the fourth time.

All in all, it was an interesting evening. Let's just say, KIPing is an interesting social experiment, especially in non-standard places.

* Think of the "mom" voice, but with absolutely no love behind it.