10 November 2006

Slowly getting back to normal...

Between moving (again), taking the GREs (did well enough, especially for not cramming my ass off), and the hellish lull between midterm and finals, I'm getting back to standard.

In other news, I hit an all time low for attendance. a little over a third of my students showed for class on Thursday. And it was the students that aren't in desperate need of in class time. Ah well...

And for your viewing pleasure, I give you this link. It's probably NSFW, and it does raise some interesting questions. Like...

1. If you dislike touching condoms, you really shouldn't be having sex.
2. The method of putting on the condom makes me wonder if there's the risk of additional trapped air that might result in an increase in breakage.
3. I'm not sure if the prop or the condom interests me more from a "huh" point of view.

That's it for now. I have unpacking to do because somewhere in the boxes are my plants.

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