01 October 2006

A little insight into my dark swirly place

And since there's been nothing from me all weekend, I give you my latest celebrity crush. Look familiar? No?

He's the current Dr. Who

This is David Tennant. I first saw him in the creepy BBCA movie "Secret Smile" where he played super creepy guy. And then he pops up as the new Dr. Who. Ack!

And then he smiled. And I IMDB'd him.

At least he and I were born in the same decade! And he's Scottish! Maybe I should just embrace the not-so-hidden Anglophile in me and go over to the UK to stalk date.

When I start the PhD program, I will have to go to the UK for research... I'll have to remind myself to step out of the library every so often so I can go encounter the local wildlife. They can't all hate Americans, can they?


Anonymous said...

Ah-HA! I am not the only one in the world who has an odd fetish for those pale and pasty on the right side of the Pond.

I would say we should hop said Pond and go merrily-a-stalking, but my current "issue" currently hangs somewhere....sunnier. =P

And no, they don't all hate Americans. Quite the opposite, in fact. Many British men find Yanks fascinating.

Adjunct Slave said...

As long as they have good teeth, I'm happy.

Pale as fuck UKers? Oh yes. If I ever bear fruit... err.. spawn, I want a pasty UKer. If I'm going to go through that, I want to have children that are representative of the Visible Man or Woman. Indeed.

And fabulous to find that out about the BritMale. I'm so going.