14 October 2006

I love the DSM IV

For those of you who don't know what the DSM IV is, it's the psychologist's tome of disorders.

Now, I'm not big on self-diagnosis for anything (except for recurrent medical things that you've had before, like sinusitis or bronchitis... If you've had those a number of times, you know what it feels like and what the symptoms are), but damn is it nice to label people, even if it's just to yourself.

Crazy Co-workers? Oppositional Defiant Disorder.
Whacked out Ex? Narcissistic Personality Disorder.
Student that scares the shit out of you? Conduct Disorder.

Of course, it gets a little scary when the diagnostic section says "four or more" and you recognize three of them in your behaviours.

But hey, we all have issues. One of mine? I love labeling people. This is why I people-watch. Not because they're interesting, but because I create a running monologue of that person in my head.

I guess we're all a little crazy.

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Zetirix said...

I must say I'm impressed. I actually do that myself at times.

- Z