08 October 2006

I hate this place!

I was just fine with the crazy students, the bizarro radio adverts. But today? Today topped the fucking cake.

Doing my laundry this evening, all of a sudden, my bathroom started spewing shit. Literally. The bathtub overflow drain, the toilet, the sink. All started spewing sewage.

If this happens again, I'm leaving. Fuck my lease. He can deal.

This goes under the category of absolutely horrifying.

You see, I could deal if it was just a water overflow. I really could. But my landlord has failed to do some basic maintainence with this place. One would think that after a tenant runs out on the lease, you go check all the easily viewed things (walls, floors, etc.) to see if there's any damage done. And then you just pay the money to get the stuff you can't see all taken care of. Like drains and pipes. Get them roto-rootered and call it good. Consider it money well spent to avoid a problem like this.

I really really hate this place.

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