11 October 2006

Answer to an interesting question...

Someone asked me, "do you miss law school? Do you regret not staying past your first year?"

Yes and no, on both accounts.

If, somehow, I came into a few million dollars and had the ability to not touch the principle and live off the interest and afford to go to back to law school... I'd do it. Under one condition. If I'd get to audit all the courses.

You see, I enjoyed the learning part of it. A different way of approaching things. But I don't think I actually wanted to be an attorney. I'd love to have the opportunity to take all the courses that I wanted to take, without having to worry about the grades. You see, I don't want my MBA, or my JD, but I'd love to go through the Masters in Business Administration courses, and the Law courses simply because I think that the approach goes past just business or just law. Much like even when I get my PhD and teach (hopefully) at a university that offers Masters and other PhD programs, I'll go take a course or two a semester, audited, just so I can learn new approaches to finding solutions.

Do I miss law school?

I miss the learning. Not the stress. Not the inability to sleep more than three hours at a stretch. Not the pimple outbreaks. Not even the information. I miss the learning.

Do I regret not staying past my first year?

Not with the way my life is starting to come together. I've grown a lot in the months since I decided to leave law school without hating who I've become, as was happening when I was in law school. I didn't like me too much. I was snippy. I drank too much. I isolated. Life with myself was generally unpleasant. And I knew that even if I had stayed, I would have pursued my PhD after completion of law school. Now? Now if I decide to go back and get my JD, it will be after getting my PhD and it will be from an educated standpoint.

It is remarkably interesting, though. I know more about the law now than I did when I was in law school. It's had time to sink in, to be understood, and to see where the applications work. When I was in law school, it was all in the abstract. I'm not quite sure if I would have stayed in law school had there been more time for absorption rather than a constant barrage of information that simply had to be memorized and regurgitated. Probably not. If it were affordable? Yeah, probably. I could deal with $70,000 in debt for three years of law school including living expenses rather than $150,000 for the same priviledge. At $70,000, I probably would have thought of it as a fair cost for non-practicing education.

And who knows. I may win the lotto one day. And after I do my investing and round the world cruise, I may decide to invest in having more education.

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