16 September 2006

Tomorrow is constitution Day

Yes, another federal holiday. Hold on, it gets better... My university is having to disrupt morning classes to go do something around the flagpole. It's mandatory

...By base logic, doesn't granting me the freedom to assemble also grant me the freedom not to assemble?

Yes, with the implementation of Constitution and Citizenship day two years ago, there is a requirement pursuant to Section 111 of an initiative that requires all educational facilities receiving money from the Department of Education to perform some educational program for constitution and Citizenship Day on or around the day (if the 17th falls on a weekend).

At my university, they're also 'requesting' a mandatory wardrobe of red, white, and blue for the instructors. How about I just drape a flag as a cape... Will that work?

I need to find out if the Department of Education provides funding to the school in a way other than financial aide. You see, I contacted my mentor from my undergrad school and they're not requiring their instructors to do anything for Constitution Day. I also checked the email from my former law school and they're not doing anything for Constitution Day, at least not anything that's required for students to attend.

I'm just irked. It's absolute crap to pull students out of classes to do something around the flagpole and enforce an appearance of patriotism for some unknown reason... Wouldn't it be easier to take five minutes and allow the individual professors to incorporate the constitution into their coursework?

And, of course, no one is saying 'boo' about the stupidity of this, or even pointing out the utter logical fallacy of making an assembly to 'celebrate' the constitution mandatory. I swear, it's like watching the inception of Nazi Germany. "It does not impact me, so I will say nothing."

Those who lose out are the students and the instructors. The students lose part of their Monday class-time, when we already lose two Mondays a semester that are not matched by a Tuesday/Thursday loss. And when the students get pissed off about having to go do something other than what was planned, it's the professors that are going to get the irate students. Even if we encourage them to e-mail the responsible party for making this decision, we instructors still get the cranky ones.

And no one wants to say anything because the person responsible for this takes offense SO easily, that you will likely be fired for even breathing a contradictory opinion.

Wherever I am when I get tenure... They're gonna hate me. I refuse to stand by and be silent. I have been requested to at the moment by other members of my department, and I will respect their request, but when I'm tenured, my wrath will be felt.

No one is thinking of the students and what is best for them.

Dumbassedness all around.

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