27 September 2006

It's like Survivor...

...except they vote themselves off the island. Class. Whatever.

Mumbling Boy opted to drop my class.

And before you give me the "you can't reach everyone" speech, let me just say this. I went in and spoke with co-workers about it, kind of down-faced. And they gave me that speech. I pointed out that I was feeling guilty. More of the speech. Then I pointed out that I was feeling guilty because I feel so relieved that he's dropped.

Finally, the class can move forward with a standard pace.

Finally, I can stop feigning that I care about the woes of a student. Because I really don't. I'm here to teach you. Not to be your friend. Not to be chatty. If you want advice in the field, great. If you want to tell me about your issues outside of school? Don't care. Go 'way.

*sticks fingers in ears* lalalalalalaalalalala!

Here's the deal. If I don't get that paper from Student Disabilities that states the accommodations you need, I can't treat you any differently than any other student.

Even when you get all pouty.

And I don't care how special you were in high school. How mommy and daddy say that you're not different, you're unique.

Get me the paper and I'll work with you. Tell me that you're as normal as anyone else, and you get treated as such.

...We'll see who votes themselves off the island next.

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