11 September 2006

Interesting observation

(No, I am not posting a memoriam blather about September 11th. It happened, we're still dealing with it. When the world is not terrifying anymore, then I'll do the entire 'oh, woe is me' thing. 'Til then, I'm still pissed.)

The school that I teach at has about 2500 students. The town that I'm in has about 50,000 people. Granted, we have a program for mentally disabled students to teach them how to function in life skills... But the percentage of mentally disabled and physically handicapped students at this small school is astounding. And apparently there's a number of mentally disabled people in this community (aside from just the school)... It makes me wonder why.

Is this another Woburn, MA deal? Too many kids licking lead paint from the walls? Higher levels than usual of mercury in the food/water source? It's just bizarre.

I'm always curious when the percentage of non-accident disability is so much higher than the norm.

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SavageCats said...

helllloooo? UFOs. It's the aliens. They POISONED your town! ::insert evil laugh here::

(PS, can't wait for House tonight: "The lab cannot identify the metal." "really?!" "No! It's titanimum!")