29 August 2006

My Carma Ran Over Your Dogma

"One the other hand my favorite word is Carma, I use it all the time and I strongly believe in how you behave towards others will eventually catch up with you wheather good actions or bad. My girlfriends and I always refer to Carma and that is why it is my favorite word i suppose."

Every semester, I ask my students to give their name, rank, etc... And to post their favorite word.

I'm about to implement a rule. If you can't spell it correctly, it can't be your favorite word.

Yes. It makes my baby Jesus cry.

(For those who don't know, the proper spelling is 'karma.')


SavageCats said...

I can't spell for shit, but I agree that if you can't spell it, it ain't your fav.

I also just found out that discombobulate is a made up word. Sure, it was made up in the 1800s, but made-up nonetheless.

Adjunct Slave said...

So is 'geek'