25 July 2006

Don't invoke Murphy!

Well, dear readers, your adjunct has inadvertantly invoked Murphy. In the process of this move, I've been having a hell of a time just getting things co-ordinated, so in my stupidity, I lamented "what else can go wrong?!"

...My desktop computer is having issues. Major issues. Like I'm going to have to do a partial rebuild issues. Now, it's about that time to do a rebuild... It's been about three years since I've upgraded, but this is not the time. It's end of semester. My students are smack in the middle of finals week...

And then I remember that the university I work for loaned me a laptop. Now, this laptop needs an OS rebuild because a few things are a little slow, but it's not asserting suicide like my desktop is, so on to the lappy I go.

So, the desktop is getting packed away and I will be living on the laptop for a bit. Some aspects of that irk me, but meh.

Now I must go grade like a banshee.

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