21 July 2006

Bad time to experiment, buddy

I just received an email from a student requesting that past assignments and quizzes be opened so he may have a chance at passing the course in order to maintain his scholarship.

Thus far, he has missed over half the assignments, the midterm, and over 75% of the chapter quizzes.

My policy, as well as the department's policy, is to allow a week slack to turn in late assignments. We're well past that week.

I do my best not to be an ogre. However, I am obligated by the terms of my employment contract to follow the rules of the department. Plus, I'm tired of students not planning out their online courses like they would a regular course. It is a self-paced method of instruction, and for the most part, also self-taught. A core course is not the place to experiment with the concept of "is this a fit for me?"

Now, I cut a lot of slack for students... But I only do this when they've been talking to me and letting me know what's up. Week 7 of an 8 week summer session is not the time to start being chatty. Sorry you're going to lose your scholarship. Sorry that your parents are going to have to fork over money for your education. Sorry about a lot of things...

Perhaps this will be the wake-up call that reminds you that when you hit college, you are officially an adult and have to do adult things.

Bloody prat.

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